You can't buy happiness but you can buy coffee and that's pretty close.

As a great coffee (and tea!) enthusiast, I love trying out new places and brews around the city. Stockholm of course - as the capital of the land of caffeine-addicts - offers a nice variety of coffee houses.

When it comes to coffee in Stockholm, there is only one rule: Don’t go to Espresso House. I know it’s hard, because they are everywhere, but the coffee is overpriced and far from groundbreaking.  

But let’s start with my personal favorites.

Classic Fika @Johan&Nyström

Ilcaffé – This was the first coffee place I tried when I was in Stockholm for vacation two years ago. It’s the kind of place where digital nomads go to stare at their macbooks all day. It has many small rooms with cozy corners, friendly baristas and an integrated flower store, which nicely adds to the urban flair. It’s a little trashy (especially the toilet) but it always smells amazing and the coffee is good. Your brew will be served in a French Press and cost you 30kr. Like every true coffee house, they offer sandwiches and kanelbulle for the hungry ones among us (or those who really don’t move all day). Located in the most hipster-y part of Söder right next to cult-store Grandpa, this is a nice place for an afternoon stroll.

Location: Södermannagatan 23 (T-bana: Metborgarplatsen)

Drop Coffee – Probably the most known place among coffee enthusiasts that love a great brew without milk or sugar. Drop coffee roasters infiltrate their brews with great flavors like parron or cocoa, which gives a nice spin to the whole thing. They’ve won various awards for roasting all over Europe. The great coffee has a heavy price tag though: The cheapest brew is 39kr – it’s also my favorite. You don’t buy just that cup of coffee, it’s a whole experience to watch the barista slowly brew your drink (which also means you might have to wait a few minutes for your perfect coffee to be ready). The shop is layed out like a normal flat. Many small rooms, doors and corners give a nice atmosphere. The interior is minimalist but cozy and this is actually my favorite place when it comes to music. They play subtle but nice tunes throughout the day. I also want to mention the super-friendly employees that always chat with you if they find the time.

Location: Wollmar Yxkullsgatan 10 (T-bana: Mariatorget)

Veganen @BloomsBageri // Blooms Bageri // ilcaffé productivity

Petite France – This place literally takes you to Paris. A great variety of Petit Fours, Macarons and Croissants awaits the sugar-loving wanderer. Decorated like a classic French café from the beginning of the past century, the baristas serve you French coffee specialties. You can also dine and lunch here, accompanied by a huge variety of fine French wines (Warning: pricey!), classic French music and a fitting atmosphere. In summer they have a huge terrace close to the water, where you can enjoy the sun and pretend that you are sitting close to Notre Dame and not Radhuset. A nice change from classic Swedish cafés.

Location: John-Ericssonsgatan 6 (T-bana: Radhuset)

Johan & Nyström – A beautiful place, that looks like a combination of a library with a living room. The coffee is impeccable and also self-roasted. Everything is full of books, which of course is the best possible atmosphere for me. You can grab one to read anytime and get a nice distraction from whatever you’re supposed to be doing.  There is a super cozy top floor and a more open basement area. Oh, and they have the prettiest toilet I have ever seen. Because the place is rather small you occasionally bump into other guests which of course is a great conversation starter (besides the classic ‘I love that book you just grabbed!’).

Location: Swedenborgsgatan 7 (T-bana: Mariatorget)

Cycelcafé Le Monde – A cozy place with two floors and a view on busy Folkungagatan. Important to mention are the friendly baristas, the 90kr breakfast buffet and that the coffee is free refill (hell yeah!). As you might guess, the shop is decorated with bicycles. A nice change when you are used to all the minimalist coffee places everywhere. P.S.: They also make great drinks.

Location: Folkungagatan 67 (T-bana: Metborgarplatsen)

KAFFE // Petit Fours @PetiteFrance // Breakfast Buffet @Cycelcafé

Café Pascal – My favorite place in (underrated) Vasastan. Located close to university and the library, this is a small place for delicate tastes. Different healthy lunch options are available during the day made from organic ingredients. I have tried broccoli soup and avocado sandwiches – both very delicious. The brew is fine as well and you can choose from various other coffee options. It’s on the expensive side though with coffee starting at 35kr and a lunch choice at around 90kr. The place is open and loud, so I would go here to chat with friends and not necessarily to work on my newest blogpost. Again a great example of Scandinavian interior design.

Location: Norrtullsgatan 4 (T-bana: Odenplan)

Baresso – I need to mention this place for the variety of great self-made baked goods. From cakes, to quiches over raw bars and other goodies - everything looks absolutely amazing and tastes good. The prices are decent. a brewed coffee is only 20kr but also far from breathtaking. Yet who is in search of a nice swedish fika and wants something else than a typical kanelbulle will be happy here. I must also mention the great brunch this place offers on Sundays between 11 and 16. For 159kr you receive the biggest breakfast variety I have ever seen, including the option to bake your own waffles. The interior is a bit worn down and doesn’t appeal to hipster-taste, but sometimes it’s the inside that counts, not the interior.

Location: Swedborgsgatan 25 (T-bana: Mariatorget)

KAFFE – A warning first: This is the only place I know in Stockholm, that only takes cash. Besides that, it has an awesome variety of coffee specialties, a tasty home brew and very talkative employees. Small biscuits and chocolates accompany every cup and the open space is full of windows so you can get inspiration from outside. This is one of my favorite places to lounge with my macbook and drink coffee all day, though I actually prefer the tea here. You can go for a shopping stroll on Götgatan or browse through one of the many close second-hand places, then come back for another cup.

Location: Sankt Paulsgatan 17 (T-bana: Slussen)

Blooms Bageri – Last but not least, I want to present this place, although it is more known for its great baked goods than for coffee. The coffee is still pretty good though (and free refill again), but the best thing to try here is the vegan sandwich. It’s huge, it’s tasty and it’s full of all my favorite ingredients (avocado, hummus, beetroot…) If I could marry a sandwich it would be this one. Blooms is a small space that feels like a bar, but smells much better thanks to the baking. You have the best view on one of the most popular streets in Söder - so great for people watching, which we all secretly love doing.

Location: Sankt Paulsgatan 24 (T-Bana: Mariatorget)

 So there you go, all my personal favorites organized in one neat place. Please do try them out.


And after all.

Friends and family know I hate any kind of holiday. Except for my birthday of course – because I am a self-loving prick. Apart from Christmas, Valentine’s Day is probably the most useless holiday ever invented. But I will use this day as an opportunity to ramble about my lovelife. Does this belong in the internet? Hell no! But I’m going to do it anyway.

My parents didn’t exactly raise me as a feminist even though you would expect that from them - having four aspiring daughters. I grew up with pretty classic ideas of women and men. I thought that I would probably stay with my first boyfriend (like my mom did), get married after a few years and that’s that. After my first relationship ended (outch!) I was devastated and felt as alone as ever. Being single after having a first relationship experience makes you suddenly feel completely out of space. So I did the obvious: Tried really hard to find a new boyfriend (of course not before completely embarrassing myself and reaching the lowest low of self-confidence ever by trying to win the old one back – no matter what and no matter that he was a douchebag). I ended up having really bad dates and after a few months I decided to go with the smallest evil: I de-friendzoned a friend and started a relationship with him. Bad idea. I did really like this guy and could share a lot with him. But it wasn’t love and looking back at it now I have to admit that I just didn’t want to be alone. It was an unhappy relationship (quite obviously) and we ended breaking up… both completely fucked up for a few months. I’m still sorry about it. Of course the friendship ended too, because that’s how things go if one partner loves and the other is an egoistic prick like I was back then. Luckily we managed to become friends again later (and btw, I also forgave the first one).

After that I got picky. I tested my boundaries, was a happy single, was a miserable single, was a great friend, was a self-absorbed asshole. I used my time to find myself. Buddhism and yoga retreats, going vegan, reading too much, meditation, raising a dog, moving around my city. I did all that and it was awesome. Eventually I met someone, decided I was ready and found myself in a committed relationship faster than I had expected.

Finally I could do all these things I had missed for the past months. We moved together after 6 weeks. There were reasons for it other than being naïve and stupid, but it was still exactly that: stupid. The ship began sinking pretty fast. I didn’t really bother to get to know him (thanks, red glasses!) so the more time we spent the more I felt like we weren’t the best match. Of course I didn’t want to admit that. All my friends had been joking about the stupidity of moving together so fast. I wasn’t going to let them win. And after all, we were still in love. But as the experienced people among you know, love isn’t a steady emotion. It moves in cycles. It’s a little bipolar actually. Some days it’s crystal clear to you that you love a person and the next day you keep questioning yourself if that’s really love or if you’re just used to being with someone. It’s good to questions things, but you have to be able to draw conclusions from them too. I wasn’t able to do that. I tried really hard to stay in love with this person. He was so willing to love me, so willing to commit.

I felt worse every day, because I didn’t feel the same. I started talking myself into seeing him as the person I wanted him to be. Of course it didn’t work and things just got worse. After a while I did mention my feelings to him, tried to change something. He was desperate and I just got colder every day. We moved into separate rooms, got a roommate, a cat. I engaged in working too much and doing internships in different cities. I did everything to escape the pressure of needing to love someone. I hated myself for hurting him. Hated him for not taking this decision from me and letting me go. He felt that I was drifting away into unreachable spheres, but kept hoping I would reach back eventually. When I had less stress. When I was more healthy. When I felt more steady. New excuses every day.

When I finally managed to break up with him, I didn’t know myself anymore. I have never been so cold in my life. I pushed myself away with all my power. I didn’t listen to anything he had to say anymore. I left everything in that moment and ended the book. 3 years. Of course we had great times in the beginning, but also in between. He is still the best person I know and I really hope that he will manage to move on and find a great, loving girl that shares his goals and purposes. We never did that. Why didn’t you see that?

Since then I’ve been happy with myself again. My mind being much clearer, has giving me new confidence to reach higher goals again. As much as I like the idea of a relationship (yes, I am still looking for the perfect one) it should never limit you. You should push each other, not pull each other down. You should take turns in being teacher, preacher, student and of course always be a friend. If you like a person, but those factors don’t match, there are other things to do with each other (just saying!).  Take your time to get to know the other person. Stop caring for society’s labels. Stop caring for the fact, that everyone is having babies or going to other extremes. You are you and you will know when you find that someone. And even if that someone turns out not to be that someone, it doesn’t matter. As long as you know yourself and stay an independent mind.

Being alone can be fucking awesome. You don’t owe anyone anything. And if you are lucky like me, you have awesome friends that never let you feel loneliness if you don’t want to (I in fact need it sometimes). If you are complicated like me, then so be it. Wait for someone that is willing to make the effort to deal with it. Don’t feel bad about it.

As bad as it may sound and as hard it is to admit how horrible my younger self was at certain times, I learnt some very valuable things in the process. So here’s my Love-Alphabet.

a)    Befriend your lovers, but don’t try to make your friends partners.
b)   If you can’t be alone, don’t start a relationship.
c)    Learn to be alone. You can do it!
d)   Never go from one relationship to another without a break.
e)    Dating is fucking horrible in 99% of the cases.
f)     Even if you are a woman, just because you want sex doesn’t mean you should start a relationship (fuck society!)
g)    Yes, you should definitely wait for the guy that flashes you – they do exist.
h)   And yes, maybe you should have sex with him in the first night because why not?
i)     Mommy isn’t always right.
j)     Love is not sex and sex works without love.
k)    Love doesn’t work without sex though.
l)     Don’t let friends pressure you
m)  Don’t let family pressure you.
n)   Don’t let yourself pressure you.
o)    Know yourself.
p)   Know what you want.
q)   Don’t think about what you want in a partner. You will notice when you find it.
r)    Heartbreak is a valuable experience. From both sides.
s)    Make sure you love the person, not the attention.
t)     Fight for love.
u)   If there is nothing to fight for, leave.
v)    Being the one that leaves is fucking hard, but it is rewarding.
w)  Adjust to a partner, but don’t change for him.
x)    Build up independent lives together.
y)    ‘Take good care, I hope you make a lot of nice friends out there.’
z)    No regrets.


You can go your own way

Where? Drop Coffee, Stockholm.
Around me? 2 Lattedaddys and 8 fellow MacBooks with their respective owners.
When? Tuesday, 14:22.

Wow, it’s been a year since I posted something here. Of course I have been uploading stuff on youtube, but far less than I had planned. It’s kind of sad. All these expectations of achievements you have when you start a new year. In 2014 I wanted to really get into blogging, filming and all that pseudo-creative outlet stuff. I ended up being so busy with life, that I completely stopped instead. All this interning, working, thesis writing, moving around exhausted me to the point where I didn’t feel productive enough to even write down my name. I’m not complaining. It’s awesome to be busy as fuck every once in a while. I like it. When your head is so full that you can’t focus on anything unsubstantial. But I have grown to realize that I like unsubstantial things too.  

I moved to Stockholm in September so I’ve had some time to settle down. It took much longer than I had expected. There were some unexpected challenges (I did not expect darkness to actually bother me so much) and a lot of disappointments. But all together it was the best decision of my life so far and I can say that I’m actually happy here. People who know me well, know that I haven’t said that in a really long time. Or even ever? At least I don’t remember.

So what’s been going on? I’m already half way through my second master semester. I found an awesome job 2 days after I moved here. I found incredible people from all around the world (yes, also some true Swedes though). Or maybe they found me. Within the past year I changed so much faster and harder than ever before in my life. Still I am far away from knowing who I am. I think I might never know and that’s a good thing. I always had these visions of myself being all figured out in the middle of my twenties. Truth be told, I feel more lost every day. But lost in a good way. I don’t really mind where life will take me, but I’m fucking excited to find out.

All this organizing and work in the past year has given me confidence. I feel like I can probably do anything I want somehow, if I am just a little persistent. This is literally the best feeling in the world.

So what am I trying to say? I don’t really know. I just want everyone out there struggling from some kind of life crisis to know that you will be fine sooner or later. You’ll find a way. No matter how fucked up you feel right now.

As you might have gotten to think about while reading this little creative rant, this blog will move away from fashion and be much more personal in the future. I deleted quite a few posts, because I can’t look at them without shaking my head. I see now, why I was such an unhappy adolescent, focused way too much on superficial things. Don’t get me wrong, I still love pretty things. Design, Fashion, Food, Art. All that crap. And it will be here. But there will also be this. Words – sometimes making sense, sometimes not. You can accompany me if you like.